Study Links!

So you are looking to get ready for the referee test? These links will help you out!

- 2020 Referee Training Powerpoint This is the presentation that I will be going off for the online class. Some of you may recognize it from last years class, but it has been amended for the 2020 rule changes that SAY implement this season!
- SAY Online Training SAY offers a great online training program where you can even take practice quizzes to help you remember the information. My Powerpoint is more of an overview of the rules, where SAY's gets more detailed about it. You can also find a link here that gives you a list of the rule changes that start this season.

Referee Uniform

Need help finding the equipment you need?

SAY soccer offers different Uniform Packages and Gear for you to purchase online! You do not have to use this, if you find the things you need cheaper somewhere else. Just remember to wear a gold referee jersey, black shorts, black thigh-high socks with three white stripes across the top, and black or dark gray shoes. Also don't forget your whistle and stopwatch, a must have for all referees!

As always, feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions!


Remember: Premier plays their games in HALVES, not quarters like SAY games do. Other than that, they play in a similar manner that SAY games do, such as enforcing the Build-Out Area and Offside. Hopefully this chart can give you a quick guide to help you, but if you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected].

U825min halves4Passeryesyes
U925min halves4Wingyesyes
U1025min halves4Wingyesyes
U1130min halves4Strikeryesno
U1230min halves4Strikeryesno
U1335min halves5Kickeryesno
U1435min halves5Kickeryesno
U1535min halves5Kickeryesno

Candy and Dribbler Rules

Dribblers and Candy divisions are a little different than the other divisions. We are introducing these kids to soccer and the rules of the game. I have received several questions from some referees regarding these different rules, so here is a guide to help you out!

CANDY - You can reveiw the specific Candy rules HERE. Remember to keep the game fun for the little ones!

- Coaches ARE NOT allowed on the field for Candy 4 games (the games held on field 12).
- All throw-ins are to be taken on the touch line, NOT in front of (or next to) the goal.
- After a goal, the ball restarts with the team scored against taking a kick from their defending arc and dribbling it up the field. The team that scored must stay within their own half of the field until the ball passes the halfway line.

DRIBBLER - Think of Dribblers as a small sided Passer game. Use the same rules found in the rule book for Passers and apply those to Dribblers. Dribblers is a 6v6 game and is played during four 8 minuet quarters.

Build-Out Area

We have been having several questions from coaches regarding the Build-Out Area, which is understandable sense it is a newer rule and a little confusing. So in order to help you be prepared to answer questions from parents/coaches, please review this online Build-Out Area PDF.

- For any kick from the defensive team coming out of the Build-Out Area, the offensive team must remain outside the Build-Out Area until the ball is back in play.
- And kicks coming out from within the Penalty Area, the ball is back in play once it leaves the Penalty Area, this includes goal kicks.

State Certifiations

Here are the links for all of the certifications that the state requires us to have.

Only applies to Referees 18 AND OLDER:
- Background Check (must be completed every two years)
- SafeSport (please email me at [email protected] for the access code)

Applies to ALL REFEREES:
- Concussion Certification, (must be completed every three years) click on the 'Launch the Course' icon on the right side of the screen (under the image of the laptop)
- - - Some people have been having issues with the CDC website, if you are one of those people, then you can also get a certification from the NHFS Concussion Training, just hit 'Order Course' once you have selected Ohio as the state
- Sudden Cardiac Arrest Video, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Hand-out, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Acknowledgement Form


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