Tournament Overtime Rules

All players must play for at least 1/2 of the time they are available to play for the game. To help ensure this each team will have a Timekeeper that will make sure each kid gets proper playtime. So you may have Timekeepers asking you questions every now and then.

In case of a tie, these are the following procedures that will follow:

There will be 2 overtime periods, each of 5 minutes duration. Both overtime periods will be played in its entirety. The coin toss for the overtime will be the same as for the start of the match, with the teams exchanging kickoff and ends of the field after the first overtime.

If the 2 teams are tied at the end of both overtime periods, the match will be decided by kicks from the mark --penalty kick shootout. All eligible players (i.e. no red carded players) may participate. Each coach will select 5 players to take the first set of kicks. The winner of the coin toss will select which team shoots first. The goalkeeper may be any eligible player on the roster. Players from each team will alternate kicks. If one team is ahead at the end of the first series of 5 kicks, the match is over.

If not, the teams will continue to alternate kicks, one at a time. No player may shoot a 2nd time until all players on that team have taken a shot. When one team makes a kick and the like player on the other team (e.g. the 7th shooter for each team) does not, the match is over.

For the shootout, no rebound shots by the kicker are allowed. Once the forward momentum of the kick has been stopped, the ball is dead. However, if the ball rebounds directly into the goal off of the goalkeeper, goalpost or crossbar, the shot will be a goal. No player may shoot again until every other person has attempted a shot. This includes the goal keeper. After the roster on a team has been exhausted, the 1st person on the team will begin. They must shoot in the same order. Example: If Team A has 10 players and Team B has 11, then after player 10 on Team A, the 1st player of Team A will shoot while Player 11 from Team B will shoot.

A team may change the goal keeper at any time. This means that the goal keeper in the last quarter does not have to be the goal keeper during the shootout, and the team can change goal keepers from shot to shot.

Passers will not use a goal keeper. Flags will be set up in the goal at 3 feet apart. The kicks will be taken from 8 yards away.

Board members will be out there to help you oversee Shootouts if it comes to that. If you do find yourself in that situation, make sure one referee is on the goal line with a clear view to see if the ball made it completely into the goal. The other should be with the kicker. Remember, goalkeepers must stay on the line until the ball is kicked, if you need to, go over the rules for Penalty Kicks to refresh yourself!

State Certifiations

Here are the links for all of the certifications that the state requires us to have.

Only applies to Referees 18 AND OLDER:
- Background Check (must be completed every two years)
- SafeSport (please email me at [email protected] for the access code)

Applies to ALL REFEREES:
- Concussion Certification, (must be completed every three years) click on the 'Launch the Course' icon on the right side of the screen (under the image of the laptop)
- - - Some people have been having issues with the CDC website, if you are one of those people, then you can also get a certification from the NHFS Concussion Training, just hit 'Order Course' once you have selected Ohio as the state
- Sudden Cardiac Arrest Video, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Hand-out, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Acknowledgement Form

Candy and Dribbler Rules

Dribblers and Candy divisions are a little different than the other divisions. We are introducing these kids to soccer and the rules of the game. I have received several questions from some referees regarding these different rules, so here is a guide to help you out!

CANDY - You can reveiw the specific Candy rules HERE. Remember to keep the game fun for the little ones!

- Coaches ARE NOT allowed on the field for Candy 4 games.
- All throw-ins are to be taken on the touch line, NOT in front of (or next to) the goal.
- After a goal, the ball restarts with the team scored against taking a kick from their defending arc and dribbling it up the field. The team that scored must stay within their own half of the field until the ball passes the halfway line.

DRIBBLER - Think of Dribblers as a small sided Passer game. Use the same rules found in the rule book for Passers and apply those to Dribblers. Dribblers is a 6v6 game and is played during four 8 minuet quarters.

Build-Out Area

We have been having several questions from coaches regarding the Build-Out Area, which is understandable sense it is a newer rule and a little confusing. So in order to help you be prepared to answer questions from parents/coaches, please review this online Build-Out Area PDF.

- For any kick from the defensive team coming out of the Build-Out Area, the offensive team must remain outside the Build-Out Area until the ball is back in play.
- And kicks coming out from within the Penalty Area, the ball is back in play once the ball clearly moves, this includes goal kicks. (This PDF was originally made in 2018, so it will state that the ball needs to leave the Penalty Area. This is no longer the case due a rule change implemented in 2020)

Referee Uniform

Need help finding the equipment you need?

SAY soccer offers different Uniform Packages and Gear for you to purchase online! You do not have to use this, if you find the things you need cheaper somewhere else. Just remember to wear a gold referee jersey, black shorts, black thigh-high socks with three white stripes across the top, and black or dark gray shoes. Also don't forget your whistle and stopwatch, a must have for all referees!

As always, feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions!

Missing Emails

I have had several emails that I send out bounce back to me! I use email as my primary way of contact for sending updates on the schedule! If you have not been receiving my emails, please email me at [email protected] so I can update the correct email for you on the list for updates! I would hate for anyone to miss out due to a miscommunication!


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